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3D Sharing with Trimensional

You've just captured the best 3D scan of your life and you want to share it with your friends and family. Trimensional gives you lots of options, including still images, animated GIFs, and QuickTime movies, any of which can be shared via email.

Still Image: A simple JPEG image to post on the web.

Animated GIF: These looping animations of your rotating 3D scan are perfect for embedding in web pages or for use as your online message board avatar. Animated GIFs are created in both large and small sizes for convenience.

QuickTime Movie: A high-quality, loopable movie that shows your scan rotating 3 times. Just the right format for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, or Flickr.

Share With Us

Be sure to post your best scans to the Trimensional page on Facebook and the Trimensional group on Flickr:

Example QuickTime Movie

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