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Refocusing App for iOS

Refocusing Your Photos

Refocusing is the iOS app that lets you adjust the focus of your photos after you capture them! Get the app now.

How It Works:

The Refocusing app allows you to capture and combine multiple images into one "large aperture" image in which you can choose which part of the scene is in focus after taking a photo. Give your iPhone camera SLR-like powers. Download the app now!

Easy to Use:

1. Slightly jiggle the camera while capturing a photo.

2. Tap anywhere in the image to re-focus on that point.

Troubleshooting and FAQ:

Q: On my iPhone 4S, the app starts up but won't do anything. It just displays the background image of a flower.

A: Try turning your phone completely off and back on. This has done the trick for the few users who have encountered this issue. We are working on a more permanent fix, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Refocusing is brought to you by the creators of Trimensional: 3D Scanner for iPhone.