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3D Graphics with Trimensional

Now you can use Trimensional to capture amazing 3D scans and instantly export texture-mapped OBJ files via email*. This standard 3D file format can be imported into dozens of popular 3D software packages, including Blender, Maya, and many more. Trimensional will even smooth the geometry of your scan before export to eliminate any scanning artifacts.

Take a look at what some of our users have been able to achieve in just minutes using Trimensional's output with their favorite 3D software, in this case ZBrush (top) and Brazil r/s (bottom).

*3D Model Export is enabled through a one-time In App Purchase that lets you export as many 3D models as you like in OBJ, STL, or PLY format.
Credit: Auriea Samyn (Tale of Tales)

Credit: Odd Nydren (oddpixel)

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