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Crystal 3D Laser Engraving

Thanks to Crystal Memories, you can now order a stunning crystal 3D laser engraving of your Trimensional scans. The perfect gift idea, these crystal 3D engravings amaze everyone who sees them.

Q: How do I order a crystal 3D laser engraving?

1. Create a 3D scan using the Trimensional app. 2. Email the 3D scan to yourself in OBJ format. (Learn More) Note: Unlimited 3D Model Export is enabled through a one-time US $4.99 In-App Purchase. 3. Place your order with Crystal Memories.

Q: How do I export a 3D model from Trimensional?

1. Touch the lower left action button. 2. Choose "Export 3D Model" at the top of the menu. 3. Adjust your settings as shown and choose "Export" to email the file to yourself. File Format: OBJ, Smoothed: ON, Closed Back: OFF

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